Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Storming the Barnes: Megan "the Housewife" Barnes Triumphs!

Tonight's episode featured Tom v. Barry v. Megan

Tom AKA Houston McLovin, is, as you may recall, Alex's lover. Try as Alex might, including by awarding Tom points for an erroneous "Samuel Adams" response - he rectifies the situation by awarding Barry points for "Budweiser" which bears no relationship to Tom's WRONG answer - Tom nevertheless walks away with a big 0 to his name, with Alex's tail between his legs.

Barry was quick on the draw - a little too quick, consistently prematurely ejaculating his responses.

While Tom is busying giving Alex wet dreams and Barry is hardly waiting for the nighttime, Megan - who Alex, true to his condescending misogynism calls "Megan the stay at home housewife" right before her response in Final Jeopardy - steadily stays in the game, and deals a deathblow by being the only correct respondent in Final Jeopardy. Megan looks like half my graduating class's girls. When you combine the ugly suit, the ugly necklace, the plastered smile, the chirpy voice, the weird headband, and the occasional bursts of glee that hearken back to the bat mitzvah girl's face when she gets lifted on the chair, you could swear shes a frummy from a Bais Yaakov. But to counter this assumption, the Jeopardy! cameras show you Megan's very modern Hilary Clinton-esque pants, disabusing you of such a notion. As icing, Megan then shakes Barry's hand, whispering thank you to him. I hope she washes that hand.

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